Testimonials | Betty's Pies


We stopped at Betty's near closing time and grabbed two slices of pie to take back to our hotel. The pies were amazing!!!!! We came back the next day for breakfast. Hands down the best breakfast I have ever had in a restaurant! We mad Betty's our morning breakfast stop in our trip and ate pie for lunch each day! Can't wait to go back. Have had to order the cheese cake online cause we couldn't wait. And the banana cream is just as amazing!!!!

Favorite: Banana Cream

We spend the days exploring the winter activities on the North Shore; and the nights sitting by the fireplace watching movies, giggling, and having fun. The only thing that could make three nights away from the kids any more special is PIE from Betty's! We stopped in on our first night and bought a pie. A single, delicious, mouth-watering pie. We sat in front of the fireplace and ate in pure bliss. The next day - we went back. And we bought SIX pies. Yes. You read that right. SIX. PIES. There were three of us. You do the math. We had no shame in our pie game!

We Bought Six Pies