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send a pie as a gift

Send A Pie As A Gift

You’ve got pie!

Unfortunately it doesn’t arrive at your doorstep with a fun little message like our emails used to (are we dating ourselves here?), but you can order a pie and have it delivered right to your doorstep.

In fact, you can order a pie and send it to other people’s doorsteps as well, as long as they live within the continental United States.

Sending a pie to yourself or to someone else is incredibly simple through Betty’s Pies. Just head to the online ordering section on our site.

Not all Betty’s Pies are available to be shipped, but you can still choose from over 15 delicious desserts to have sent right to your door as well as a number of other Betty’s Pies items like t-shirts, coffee mugs, and magnets.

When sending these pies or items to another person, you can even specify a unique message to be sent on a card for the person. This can be a thank you to a client for choosing to work with your organization, a fun birthday message for your friend or anything else you’d like to say!

For all corporate thank you pies click here.

Instructions for thawing and serving whatever pie you decide to ship will also be included to be sure you’re having a Betty’s Pie that’s as good as the one you’d get right at our location.  Before it’s shipped, your pie is made, fully baked, then frozen to ensure it’s fresh when it arrives at your home.

You should immediately place the pie in a freezer or refrigerator if you need it to keep for a few days longer.  There are more tips on how to store your pie in our blog.

A few things to keep in mind before you place your order:

  • Pies must be ordered 48 hours in advance of the day you’d like to receive it
  • Pies cannot have a Saturday, Sunday or Monday delivery date

send a pie as a gift

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