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Picture this. It’s Friday morning. (Don’t we all love Fridays?) It’s sunny outside, with a cool breeze. You wake up with enough time to ease into your day. You make a hot cup of tea or coffee. You eat breakfast in peace. You find the perfect work outfit. You just feel good about yourself. Then, you step outside, and…

There’s a freshly baked Betty’s Pie waiting on your doorstep!

Sounds a little bit like Paradise, doesn’t it?

While we can’t assure you that it will actually be sunny outside—or that you’ll wake up with enough time for that coffee and bowl of oatmeal—we can assure you that on the last Friday of every month, a fresh pie will be delivered to your doorstep! And that’s really all you care about, right?

How does this happen?

Well, we like to treat our Pie of the Month club members from time to time. (Meaning, every four weeks!) We surprise them with a different pie at the end of each month—so they never quite know what to expect. It’s exciting for us and it’s a gift for you, because we believe that you deserve it.

Want to know how it works?

  • STEP 1: Click Add to Cart and place your order.
  • STEP 2: You will receive a welcome email with all the details shortly after placing your order.
  • STEP 3: Each month our team will choose which pie to ship you.

Whether it’s French Silk, our 5 Layer Chocolate Mint, or our Toffee Cream Pie, your taste buds will thank you—and so will your family and friends!

Now, let’s get you signed up!

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